Games Library

Along with the wargames, rpgs, ccgs and board games that members bring along to play the club owns a growing library of games which can be used by members on request. A perfect opportunity to try before you buy your own copy.

The current list of games available to members is:

‘Space Hulk’ 3rd edition (2009) by Games Workshop
… space ship boarding action, Space Marine Terminators vs Genestealer aliens

2x ‘X-Wing’ Miniatures Game by Fantasy Flight Games
+ 4x Expansion Packs (ships) – X-Wing, Y-Wing, Tie-Fighter and Tie-Fighter Advanced
… classic dogfight action from the original Star Wars film X-wing vs Tie-fighters

2x ‘Dreadball’ by Mantic Games
+ 2x extra teams – Forge Fathers and Veer-myn
… futuristic sports/football game humans vs Orx & Goblins

‘Dwarf King’s Hold: Green Menace’ by Mantic Games
… dungeon crawler board game Orcs vs Elves

‘Project Pandora: Grim Cargo’ by Mantic Games
… space ship boarding action, human marines vs Veer-myn mutant rat-men