Destruction Derby

That time of year is upon us again, the nights are drawing in, all the shops are starting to sell Christmas cards and you can hear the echo of sleigh bells across the rooftops.

Thats right! Its Destruction Derby time again!!

This year is going to be madness!

For only £10 we are offering 3 games of FunFunFunHammer using the silliest armies and Scenarios we can muster.  You also get the rest of the package that you have come to expect from the destruction derby, lots of great prizes, all the food and drink you can eat and a bar in the gaming hall!

Click on Orc to Download the rules pack!


The last 3 years have been sold out in record time so if you want a ticket sign up now before its too late.

There will be 36 places avaliable and the first 16 are reserved for Derby Wargames Society Members for 2 weeks.

To buy your ticket visit the ticket sales page on Rankings HQ.

Archive of previous Destruction Derby events.

Destruction Derby 1
Destruction Derby 2